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I may or may not have literally screamed with joy when I opened my mail to find a SIGNED HEADSHOT OF NATHAN FILLION.


    I may or may not have literally screamed with joy when I opened my mail to find a SIGNED HEADSHOT OF NATHAN FILLION.

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  3. vo5100 said: They dropped a few hints towards the Shepard's past and I think he used to be an alliance agent? And I also think Mal used to be a Christian but turned away from faith after serenity valley. What do you think?

    Shepard Book’s past can be found in comic form, where his alliance affiliation is revealed. 

    As for Mal being Christian: I whole-heartedly think YES. In the pilot epsidoe, there’s a beautiful shot him kissing his silver cross in the Battle of Serenity Valley, there’s “You’re welcome on my boat, Shepard. God ain’t”, and the lovely “Do you mind if I say grace?” “Only if you say it out loud”. And for some icing on the cake, there’s this passage from the novelization of the movie (screenshot from the Kindle reading app):

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    Mean Serenity

    On Wednesdays, we wear brown.

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    25 days of awesome lady people | day seventeen: a warrior lady

    “Sanguine. Hopeful. Plus, point of interest, it also means bloody.”

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